What’s Up with WhatsApp and Relationships


Bad pun. But monitoring WhatsApp is a pretty good way to test out the status of a virtual relationship.

  1. Tick or Ticks

Ticks on Messages Meaning What it may mean and what you should do
Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.11.08 AM Message is sent but
not yet received.

Either your recipient switched off data/wifi or the phone was off.

They haven’t read your message.

No, don’t blame them (Can’t blame them even if they purposely switch off data, ok?)

 Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.10.54 AM Message had been definitely received AND read.

Blue ticks mean the message had definitely been read.

Your conversation had definitely been opened.

You can even press into the information (i) button to see what time they’ve read your message.

Yes, you can blame them now.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.10.37 AM Message had been received by the phone BUT unsure if it had been read
(Since we now have the option to switch off blue ticks)
Two ticks mean the message may already been seen through the phone’s notifications.

Maybe, you can blame them…but it’s better to keep it to yourself to avoid an argument.

Switching off blue ticks is for people who are very busy, and only have time to read messages but not necessarily reply them yet.

Some people who are bothered by the presence of blue ticks will tend to say “if you had time to open our conversation box, why don’t you reply? I’d rather you not open them!” This usually turns into a big argument.

2. Voice messages

Yes, this goes for the same for voice messages. However, even if you don’t have the blue ticks function switched off, it’s still applicable for voice messages.

 have not listened…
have already been listened.

3. Privacy settings


There are three options you can set for these settings above:

  1. Everyone
  2. My Contacts
  3.  Only Me

These days, most people tend to switch off the Last Seen timestamps.

  • Avoid the problem of having to explain to your lover or mother why you’ve had time to open the WhatsApp app but not reply.
  • However, having no last seen shown has a sacrifice – you can’t see the last seen timestamp of others too.
    • So here I set it this way: (this is my top secret)
      Who CAN see my Last Seen? People in my contacts/phonebook
      Who CAN’T see my Last Seen? Stalkers that I haven’t saved their numbers
    • (In this method, I get to see the Last Seen Timestamps of others yet not let the stalkers know about when I’m last online)

Most people tend to tick “My Contacts” (the default) to be able to see your Profile Photo and Status; usually very little people select “Everyone”.

Therefore this usually means

  • If you’re talking to someone without a profile pic, you’re not in their phonebook.
  • When you stalk your ex that his/her profile picture just suddenly disappears (assuming he/she did have a profile pic before) and becomes………..
    Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 1.40.36 AM
  • He/she probably just deleted your contact (to forget about you).
  • DISCLAIMER: Speculation only, may be he really just deleted his profile picture. Or you can ask someone else. But to save the problem, just accept it and move on.

Secrets and Tricks of WhatsApp. I’m sure most people know the tricks around, but just in case someone doesn’t, I’ve taught that one person something. Happy WhatsApping!